About the history of School Peace

The purpose of School Peace is a safe and friendly environment for students, teachers, parents, school staff and others related parties involved with their school.

School is an environment, where:

  • You get to know yourself and others;
  • In friendly and tolerated environment you can share your thoughts and feelings;
  • There is cohesion and no one’s excluded;
  • Misunderstandings and troubles are approached calmly and with the perspective of solutions;
  • Everyone’s initiative is supported;
  • Students’ and teacher’s school motivation is high.

School Peace has been signed in Estonia since 1999 on 1st of September each year. At first, Estonian Youth Work Centre was leading the School Peace program, yet from 2008 Estonian Union for Child Welfare has been leading the program. Throughout the years, School Peace had had several partners, police, ministry and youth organisations among them.

The module of School Peace was created at the beginning of 1990´s, together with students from Finland and Mannerheim League for Child Welfare. In the education system of Finland, School Peace represents the strongest cornerstone of non-formal education.

Below you will find the elected School Peace cities throughout time:

  • 1999 and 2000 Tallinn
  • 2001 Tartu
  • 2002 Põltsamaa
  • 2003 Viljandi
  • 2004 Valga
  • 2005 Narva
  • 2006 Tartu
  • 2007 Pärnu
  • 2008 Põlva
  • 2009 Rakvere
  • 2010 Elva
  • 2011 Jõgeva
  • 2012 Sillamäe
  • 2013 Kuressaare „Koos on kena!“
  • 2014 Viljandi „Üheskoos!“
  • 2015 Türi „Üheskasvamine“
  • 2016 Hiiumaa